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Sphinx Development at Villas of Vanston.
On the surface, we are a Dallas-based real estate company with specialization in LIHTC products under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. Dig a bit deeper, however, and you'll find out who we really are: a client-first, experience-backed group of community builders that invest in your city. Our efforts are aimed not only at leading, but being involved at every stage of the collaborative process, which includes project planning and construction supervision with architects, engineers., market study and ESA.
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Development Experience

SDC projects have involved the following scope of services

  • Adhering to all TDHCA rules, laws and regulations to satisfy compliance requirements.
  • Obtain and complete financing and construction on ten(10) projects including various grants such as CDBG and TCAP funds.
  • Created and collaborated with development teams for all projects including architects, engineering, market study and ESA.
  • Project management and construction supervision on all aspects of general construction, project plans, specs and progress reports.
  • Building relations with government officials including city council members, state reps and directors of city departments of housing, building and economic development.
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