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Sphinx Residential, LLC. is more than a leading figure in the Texas affordable housing industry; We are a community-centered, development-driven company who will never sacrifice integrity or resident satisfaction in pursuit of producing first-rate homes.




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Sierra Vista Senior Villas

Providing high quality service in underserved neighborhoods. Nothing less.

Sphinx Development

Sphinx Development, the parent company of Sphinx Residential, is a Dallas based real estate company that has forged a four decade career in the business of building homes.

Through a means of high energy management and embracing our competitive nature, we consistently yield on-time completion of projects and remain well within budgetary constraints.

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Murdeaux Villas
Multi-Family / Dallas, Texas
Sierra Vista Senior Villas
Multi-Family / Dallas, Texas
Delafield Villas
Multi-Family / Dallas, Texas
Fiji Senior Villas
Multi-Family / Dallas, Texas
Harmon Villas
Multi-Family / Fort Worth, Texas

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